The Oscars 2017: Live stream How watch tv chanel

There are Oscars 2017 on Sunday and you finally realize that you will not have time to watch nine movies nominated for the best picture.

Oscars 2017 Okay, you have a life. You can not just take 18 hours to watch a movie, so you probably will not like it so much to say, “Yes, I’ve seen all the movies of Oscar this year.” It’s just important.

Oscars 2017

Oscars 2017

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But in order to follow the Academy Awards with an educated view, you must have at least some of the films. For this reason, you can spend a lot of time flipping through flashy, esoteric, hipster interpretations … or you can follow this guide that compares the current Oscar filmini and the NBA team.

You like movies You like basketball It makes sense. Go with him.
“La La Land” – Golden State Warriors

“La La Land”, the golden child of the award season, is the film that everyone loves to hate – does that sound familiar? This film was taken as the best picture candidate before it was released. Just as Warriors last July, Kevin Durant was expected to win the NBA Finals after signing with them. The film is as beautiful as the Warriors-style game, but many wonder if the love of art and star power is compensating for a shortage. It’s almost perfect.
“Sea View” – Cleveland Cavaliers

Oscars 2017 Much like Cavs, “Manchester on the Sea” is run by a big trio, but has an undisputed star. Casey Affleck LeBron James puts the film on his shoulders and is making heavy lifting to allow his supporter to shine. Michelle Williams, Kevin Love, Lucas Hedges, and young Kyrie Irving, are young stars who are attracted to everyone with a flashy performance.

Moonlight” – San Antonio Spurs

“Moonlight” is a total Spurs film that is larger than the sum of the pieces. I am sure that tablets perform excellently – Mahershala Ali is Kawhi Leonard, a calming and stable entity that makes all the other actors better; But ultimately the film is a community on the premise of a fantastic director Barry Jenkins. Or are we just saying “Pop”?

Hacksaw Ridge – Atlanta Hawks

Like the Atlanta Hawks, “Hacksaw Ridge” has shine limited by great inconsistencies. Filmin star Andrew Garfield is great and director Mel Gibson does it, but he needs something to make Filmin roll over. The same is true of the Hawks, who run All-Star Paul Millsap and coach Mike Budenholzer to achieve consistent success, but it does not seem to be able to get rid of the hunch.